Don't Let Asbestos Get the Best of Your Family

Don't Let Asbestos Get the Best of Your Family

Asbestos testing services in Lakewood & Cleveland, Ohio and the surrounding area.

Asbestos was commonly used in building materials in the 1970s. From siding to flooring to air ducts, asbestos was manufactured in insulation and other construction materials before its ban in 1989. While it was once considered a worthy addition in many materials because of its fire-resistant capabilities, it's now known as a toxic, cancer-causing material. Make sure your home doesn't have an asbestos problem. Call Hathaway Environmental LLC, (216)-538-8355, today for asbestos testing services!

Find out if your building is safe

Only a certified professional can properly test your home for asbestos. Hathaway Environmental will use special equipment to check the air in your home for asbestos.

Never use a home testing kit to check for asbestos. You don't want your family's health to depend on the results of a generic test. Trust the equipment used at Hathaway Environmental. Call our specialist today.