Commercial Mold Removal & Asbestos Abatement Services

Commercial Mold Removal & Asbestos Abatement Services

Hire Hathaway Environmental to clean up your Commercial Property in Lakewood, Cleveland, OH & the Surrounding areas

Many properties in Northeast Ohio are especially susceptible to mold damage due to their age and condition. If you suspect that your commercial building has been infested by dangerous mold, call Hathaway Environmental to come inspect your indoor air quality with a spore trap. If mold is detected in your building, we will get to work to remove existing mold, and put measures in place to make future growth much more difficult.

Taking the proper steps to have mold removed from your commercial building ensures the safety of your employees or occupants. Assessing the situation thoroughly allows for proper prevention of cross contamination and the ability to remove mold from its source. Once all mold is gone, our team will work to remove moisture and control humidity levels moving forward to prevent a recurrence.

Asbestos Testing & Removal in Commercial Buildings

Lakewood, Cleveland, OH and surrounding areas are no stranger to former construction projects that used Asbestos materials in Insulation, Drywall, Flooring and countless other building materials. Since its ban in 1977, the negative effects of asbestos have come to surface more each year.

Since Asbestos can only be detected using laboratory testing, we will gather samples and come up with a plan for removal right away. Hathaway environmental has been restoring homes and business in the Cleveland area for over 15 years. Our experts are licensed and insured, as well as OSHA certified.

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