Find Out If Your Home Has a Mold Problem

Find Out If Your Home Has a Mold Problem

Call for mold inspection services in Lakewood and Cleveland, Ohio and the surrounding area.

Mold poses a significant threat for you and your family. If you suspect your home has a mold problem, call Hathaway Environmental LLC today to protect your family's health. We offer in-depth mold inspection services in Lakewood, Cleveland, Ohio & the surrounding areas. Our specialists will visit your property and take samples of the air and different surfaces. Then, we'll send all samples in for testing. Soon, you'll have peace of mind knowing whether or not your home is affected by mold. Call Hathaway Environmental today at (216)-538-8355 to schedule a time for your inspection.

We'll complete a thorough evaluation of your home's indoor air quality

Whether you're buying a new home or an older home, it's important to test for mold. We will test the air and surfaces in your home to determine if mold spores are present at your property.

For air sampling, we'll use a spore trap. This method of air testing will determine if there's a fungal problem inside of your home or business.

For surface sampling, we use three different methods for testing: bulk testing, swab testing and tape sampling.

  • Bulk testing: requires removing a sample area from the location to submit for testing.
  • Swab testing: involves rubbing a cotton swab-type utensil across a surface to send for testing.
  • Tape sampling: entails pressing a clear piece of specialty tape against a surface to send for testing.

Don't expose your family to harmful mold spores. Protect your family's health by scheduling a mold inspection from Hathaway Environmental today.

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