Is Your Property Flooded With Problems?

Is Your Property Flooded With Problems?

Our specialist can clean up the damage

Water Damage Restoration & Clean Up Near Lakewood and Cleveland, OH

It does not matter if your home was damaged by a busted pipe or a flood, you want to dry everything out immediately to prevent further destruction. Hathaway Environmental has the equipment to do just that.

Our specialist is well-versed in water removal techniques and will dry and disinfect your entire property. We know how devastating water damage can be and work hard to bring your home back to life with detailed services.

The likelihood that mold will take over your property increases the longer water is allowed to stand in your home or business. Prevent costly mold damage before it starts with water removal services from Hathaway Environmental.

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Your mold or asbestos problem won't just disappear

You're putting the health of your staff and family at risk if you don't have the mold or asbestos properly removed. Hathaway Environmental will inspect your home or business and explain our solution so you're fully informed about the state of your property.

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